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Ghost # Posted on 2011-11-29 at 10:22AM UTC

Another Update to the Topic :
We tested another 4 drives . 2 of them were 46 and another 2 were 79.
NONE work so far . It seems that a fix is coming soon for 79.
We really thanks that and another thing is we still keep testing as soon as a drive works with a backups (made from our original) we tell u how to do it to make it works.
but we used every kind of options (writing , changing laser , updating dash,…) NONE get work yet.
Error of 79 is : 1 red light
Error of 46 is : unreadable disk or in some case unrecognized disk
we keep testing and update u as soon as we could .
and final thing is we all thank u c4eva and the team , this topic was made to help ppl and to try every possible idea to make hitachis work but so far none of them work.