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Ghost # Posted on 2011-11-29 at 06:37PM UTC

Another Update to the Topic :
There is a fix coming for 79 so we stop testing hitachi 79 for now and after it is out we test 79 with LT+ 2.0.1 and tell u guys the result.
@Bloody yeah man u shouldn’t go live with LT+2.0 because it update the dae.bin and trigger the ap2.5 check. maybe u can use the TU trick (it is on this site) to make ur game work again but don’t go to live until 3.0 is out .
@M4sT3r J0k3R u must wait for 2.0.1 . it is a fix for 79 and comes very soon I think before end of november but I don’t know the date of release. sry man .
@Saeed yeah man np we all do this to help other hitachi users
@voc1967 better wait for fix and don’t go live with your 79.

and to update : we tested Forza 4 backup which was made from our original game and using LT Max burn with ver disk and Liteon writer and it works with all hitachi except 79 . and we tested another Forza 4 but in this time burn with normal and old way burning and it doesn’t work .
so yeah we might think that u must use the LT Max burn to create ur backups (from original game that u buy) so that it work with hitachi FW LT+ 2.0
But we don’t know that for sure because we tested on only 3 drives two of them was 46/47 and last one was 79.
So we don’t 100% sure that it works with LT Max . but if one of u can do that and report in here we really be thankful . but we don’t push u to that because we said that we don’t know for sure. so do it as ur own risk . and another thing is we keep testing and update this topic as soon as fix for 79 is out and we found another hitachi drive . :)
for now we only have 6 drives of hitachi . 2 of them are 46,47 and one is 32 and others 3 are 79.
but hitachi 32 laser is dead and we couldn’t test that so we have 5 drives for now.