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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-29 at 09:42PM UTC

Although I have been (perhaps suspiciously ;) ) absent since the release of 2.0 for Hitachi, I have been lurking in the shadows and recognizing how many problems have been uncovered within the firmware that was “tested” for a month. I firmly believe that the “team” just didn’t feel like doing thorough tests, and put it off, thus taking the release so much longer than all the other drives. BUT, for those of you who know me, that’s a rant for another time =P

As the topic of this thread states, my tests with my 79FL (4b00 subset) have been alright so far. I reported in the comments about my box throwing a one RROD error the very first attempt at running an XGD3 backup and being able to “fix” it by letting an original XGD3 load, then inserting the backup. However, It’s become quite apparent that this is not a solution for everyone (hence the 2.01 fix that’s in the dreaded “testing” phase). I think Ucla stated it on page one of this thread, and I am going to agree and I suppose reiterate; it seems more so than not that the problem drive(s) are not isolated to their ROM version (ie. 46, 47, 78, 79) but also which firmware subset that gets flashed (that’s why I added the 4b00 subset above). This could absolutely be a possibility why, for example, some 79 owners just get one RROD or E## errors regardless of what they try, and why some 79 owners (like myself) encountered the problem once and haven’t had issues since.

I guess this doesn’t really add much, but I figured I’d throw my specific drive info and XGD3 tests into the proverbial barrel to let others compare. If you know your way around JF, determining which revision of firmware your drive requires is very simple; after dumping the drive, go to the FirmwareTool32 tab and right next to “DVD Key @” is where this subset will be shown. Take it for what it’s worth, but it sounds like most will need to wait and flash this 2.01 fix.