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Ghost # Posted on 2011-11-30 at 12:48AM UTC

Another update to the topic :
well we tested 3 more drive . this time 46,47 and another 46 . well finding pre 46 is very difficult because they are too old.
we use the burner max and ver disk with liteon writer burns so that all of them work . I think that using 100% of writing which was made by our famous c4eva worked for all hitachi but using the old way of writing isn’t working on hitachis . and I really appreciated ur works and thank u all for cooperate with us in testing .
so that we can clear about it that all backups which made from our original games must burn with burner max so that hitachis are able to read them.
and another thing is we stop our testing here until 79 fix is out then we begin our testing with that fix on our 79 and give u guys the results as soon as we could.
and the final thing is if u have 79 stop flash it now w8 for fix then flash it with new fix or u may get 1 red light.

We can confirm that FOR NOW all our hitachis except 78/79 are reading games (backups or originals) xgd3 or xgd2 or (ap2.5 games) FINE {{ WITH USING BURNER MAX }} burn.