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novak2k6 # Posted on 2011-11-30 at 07:34AM UTC

I just flashed my hitachi 78 for the first time, popped in some Disney xgd3 game and it worked great. I didn’t test others. But between following tutorials and youtube vids carefully it came out a success.
First I flashed the 1.91 to stock using jungleflashers tutorial
Once stock, tested it and noticed dashboard 13599. Did the update via usb (from reading, never go live)
After 13604 update and confirmed my kinect is working (my benq 360 wants a live update, kinda stuck there) took drive back out and used Team-Xecuters non 79 tutorial for flashing using my usbpro and ck3i. For some reason the jungleflasher tutorial requests if I use usb-sata I have to be in XP. Not the case.
Hooked up drive and confirmed working. I used a ihas with fw extreme, 2.4x on verbs. My Benq did not like memmorex’s which worked great on my hitachi xgd2′s