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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-29 at 02:22AM UTC

my goodness… some people are having problems, some people are not. that doesn’t mean other people are lying, just because they have different results than you. there are many factors at play here, media quality, burn quality, different games, different xbox models, different dashboard versions, and even different revisions of the same drive number. everyone has the same goal, just to get things working. if you have success, then good, share that, that can rule out some issues, but it does no good to tell someone they are just plain wrong. i have read lots of people having problems with lots of different situations.

ghost says only xgd3 problems with 4x and 7x drives, but it works fine for croc and aeternal… i have heard people having problems with 5x model. i have also heard people having problems with all types of discs, even xgd2 originals. someone i read had a 79, flashed to 2.0, then reverted to 1.9 once they notified a fix was coming, but now he said he can’t play ANY discs. it could be any number of things. but unless we know everything about each person’s situation, how can we tell. i assume that was the purpose of this thread. personally i have had no failures with hitachi, but that’s because i don’t have one.