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zuum # Posted on 2011-09-24 at 06:03AM UTC

@tidus72000 At the moment there is no ETA and the team doesn’t want to give an ETA for multiple reasons.

1. If an ETA is given everyone will start to complain if the project isn’t finished by the estimated date.

2. The team doesn’t want to feel rushed by an estimated deadline.

3. Avoid needless questions as to why its going to take “ETA” to finish the project.

Just wait patiently and do some studying. I know that work and college course are pretty much taking up all my time. I won’t have time to play any games til’ Thanksgiving.

And as stated on multiple other forums, just focus on old/recent games. If you are worried about your originals getting ruined before the project release. Go out and get some Disk Skins for project.

Hope this was informative.