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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-09-24 at 02:58PM UTC

people need to start getting one warning then a ban for asking when and why all the time… ALL the information is here written on these pages for you people to read FIRST, then you can ask questions that have not been answered. For example: I have a good question… Why do some people claim that the xgd3 games WILL fit on a DL disc… are they thinking of the size of the game when converted to a jtag god? Someone posted above that the xgd3 isos are 182 MB larger than the size of a DL iso. That is the first time i have seen an actual size listed anywhere. If that is really correct then wouldn’t there have to be a way to remove 182 MB of data from the iso without giving back the wrong game CRC? I don’t know what this talk of “overburning” past the safe zone is all about either. Are there discs that have more foil on top so you can just make the laser activate the dyes further toward the edge of the disc? Do they even make any discs or burners that would be able to do this?