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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-03 at 08:17PM UTC

the consensus is that there is no way under dashboard 13599 that microsoft can currently detect that you have custom firmware or you are playing a burned copy of an xgd3 game. this is according to c4e, he said the games will pass ALL checks.

however, as rrod pointed out in the nfo file, the last 3% of the iso is missing, which usually is not a problem, but they could always make an update that checks into that part of the disc. so if a new dash update comes out, i would stop playing xgd3 games online until it is proven to be safe. also if blank 8.7 GB discs (same size as xgd3) come out then we will be able to burn the whole iso, and LT 2.0 already supports that.

so final answer: good 4 live 4 now.