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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-11 at 02:23PM UTC

before 12611 dash u could interchange any drive as long as u used ur dvd key anter ap.25 and the dash 12625 could no longer spoof or just inject ur key in a different drive and play ap.25/26 so all non ap25/26 xgd3′s will plat with a spoofed drive or a different drive with ur key but no ap25/26 or xgd3 game will play in a console that dosent have the original model drive that came in it. so if u need a new drive get one that is the same model that came out of it. spoofing / interchanging drives is a NO GO CANT DO IT AND PLAY XGD3′S OR AP25/26 U MUST GET A NEW DRIVE SAME MODEL AS UR CONSOLE ORIGINAL DRIVE.