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Weapon X # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 02:04PM UTC

Hello, everybody, excuse me for my bad english, i’m french, I don’ know if i’m in right place but I have trouble with Sammy LT+ 2.01, I can’t play Batman AC backup. All other backup (XGD3 and other) are OK. When I launch the backup of Batman, before the screen title, my XBOX reboot. My XBOX is JTAGed, with DashLaunch 2.25, Kernel 13604, FSD 2.0 RC 2.1. The game work perfectly on my HDD (ISO2GOD), and the backup work on BenQ VAD6038 and not work on my other XBOX with Hitachi (I wait for the Firmware). I feel that with LT+ 2.0 the backup work. Do you have any idea, why the XBOX reboot with this backup (i know that in DashLaunch I say “yes” to “Do you want the console to reboot on fatal errors ?”)