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c-h-s # Posted on 2011-10-25 at 07:57PM UTC

I burn the Diskcs all with 4x and PLATINUM with ImgBurn and Truncend mode (burn to end of disk) and the disks running on liteon or benq drives but not with my ms28 with LT 2.01.

All other AP25 Games on same PLATINUM Discs and running but not when XGD3.
When i burn Disk Verbatim MKM003 with wit 2,4x OPC=off in ImgBurn and With iHAS624B with ixtreme MAX 1.0 Firmware i have same Probleme. No XGD3 Disks working with my ms28. All other XGD2 and AP25 Games working fine. I dont know, why XGD3 not works!!!! PLEASE HELP

Why the Discs working by Liteon and BenQ drives with LT+ 2.0 but not with ms28 with LT 2.01 ???

How can help me?