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twisted247 # Posted on 2013-01-12 at 02:52PM UTC

ur 100% right bro but few extra sec’s to run thru abgx is nothing and then they would be playable on other boxes as well not just sammy/ hitachis that don’t do ap.25 checks. if u dont use abgx then . if and when ur buddy gets new box or trys to loan a game to a buddy then it will not boot plus his new box or buddys box is now flagged for ban. so even though it will boot them the real question is why would you burn and waste disc that r only playable on old ass 360′s? so i would take the few seconds and run thru abgx neway and if he gets a new 360 then he wont have to reburn them all. but to answer you question there is no need for abgx if the disc r never going to be played on any other 360 good luck!!