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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-05 at 04:07AM UTC

i noticed you added the tag “xbox 360 slim” to this thread, so i am going to assume you have a slim with a liteon drive. the only thing LT 3.0 is being developed for is to be a permanent solution to the changing ap2.5 challenges. LT 2.0 will play all types of games xgd2, xgd2 with ap2.5, and xgd3 (which all have ap2.5). if your console has been online lately, then you will have an updated dae.bin which affected the ap2.5 challenges requested by your xbox. using LT 3.0 and discs burned with topology data (neither of which are available yet), you will always be able to provide the correct responses to any possible ap2.5 challenge that microsoft activates. which means after you have topology data on your disc, you won’t have to reburn them again due to a dashboard update. you say you don’t play online, so if that means you literally never have signed into xbox live, then you shouldn’t have the “silent update” that affects the dae.bin. however, if you have signed in (even on a silver account), done a network connectivity test, updated your dashboard online, or anything else which would have caused your xbox to connect to live even for a minute, then you probably have the silent update. unfortunately there is no easy way to tell other than by trying a game. having a slim would make me paranoid, since it has a wi-fi card built-in which could automatically connect to a wireless connection when i was unaware of it. usually keep my ethernet cord unplugged from my xbox, but with a slim i would take the wi-fi card out until 3.0 was released.

short answer: if you really haven’t been online, then yes 2.0 will work for all games (as long as the ap2.5 data on the disc matches your dashboard version, which for xgd3 games there has only been one set of challenges)

i don’t know what version of the dashboard you are on. see and for more info on which ap2.5 challenges are active in which dashboard version

Note to Maad Player: all Samsung drives and Hitachi drives older than the 78/79 models definitely can not perform ap2.5 challenges and therefor are immune to changes to the dae.bin, including the silent update. if you have an xbox with a samsung, and are staying offline due to concern of getting flagged, or being unable to continue playing your ap2.5 titles, fear not. you have been blessed with a gift, use this gift to its fullest potential.