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Maad_Player # Posted on 2011-12-05 at 03:56AM UTC

There are two things you must consider…

First and most important: If you have a system that must obey AP 2.5 security rules, like a benq for example, and have been logged into xbox live at all the last few weeks, then you must use LT 3.0. Your system more than likely took a silent update that changed the DAE.bin AP 2.5 challenge tables and will disable all games that run AP 2.5 security like XGD3 games and some older XGD2 AP 2.5 games.

If you have an iHAS burner and have a Hitachi drive model that does not support AP 2.5 checks you will probably be OK on LT 2.0 as these drives only support LT-MAX backups. If you have a later model Hitachi that does support AP 2.5 checks then refer to the first paragraph.

If you are burning truncated XGD3s then you will be fine on LT 2.0 (2.01 for Samsung) as long as you have not taken the silent update. LT 2.0, for everything except Hitachi, supports truncated XGD3s. The main question you should ask yourself is if you have been on live recently. A silent update hit the live network a few weeks ago changing the AP 2.5 challenge tables, so if your system was on live since that silent update then you will have to wait for LT 3.0… if your DVD drive supports AP 2.5 security. I have seen posts stating that Samsung drives do not support AP 2.5 security though I have not been man enough to go live with any of my Samsung units yet.