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braven # Posted on 2011-11-09 at 09:53PM UTC

Waiting for the delivery man is a torture when you have a problem and can’t do anything about it but it’s the only way to get DVDs a bit cheaper. And yes – I am currently downloading games – not all of them but still: I’m not proud of it:/ I used to buy every single game not so long ago, but I had to move to another country and I lost my job – damn you global crisis – and now I simply can’t afford to support all of the producers (but hopefully it will change very soon cause I just love this feeling when you’re unpacking a brand new ORIGINAL game – especially the Special or Limited Edition) :smile: Anyway thanks for responding and I will make an update as soon as I get DVDs and burn them with different settings (unless I find someone else with the same problem who already knows if the rip is good or bad). I thought that maybe it’s the DVD’s fault but I got the exact same results on 2 DVDs so I don’t think that’s it. It’s a shame that there is no new abgx – than I would simply check the ISO’s CRC with it:/ And btw. Skyrim is officialy out on Friday so maybe some other group will rip it on Friday – if so I will download their release and see what KProbe says about it:smile: