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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-09 at 11:29PM UTC

I totally understand the need to occasionally download some stuff due to the financial downfall over the past few years. I still buy games, but only the ones that I truly want and have anticipated (pre-ordered AC Revelations and MW3) but quite honestly some games are just not worth the $59.99 +tax price tag if it turns out to be rubbish. I have several games that I downloaded first, enjoyed them, and wound up buying them. There were also plenty others that I thought were garbage and therefore deleted. So in my eyes, those game companies didn’t lose any money from me because I never would have bought their crap to begin with without being able to test-play it.

To each their own though, I also realize that many folks do nothing but download and pirate any & every game that releases who probably own one or two originals (which likely came bundled with their Xbox usually lol) so I’m certainly not going to hop on a high-horse and downgrade you simply due to your current unfortunate circumstances. I think the majority of us can relate in one fashion or other.

Cheers m8, and definitely post an update on your progress whenever you get the opportunity because I am very interested in others KProbe results, especially on downloaded releases =)