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braven # Posted on 2011-11-14 at 03:25PM UTC

First of all: thank you very much guys for responding! I didn’t write anything until today because my blank MKM 003 DVDs arrived today. My problem has been solved but check out how:
After reading your responses and talking to people on IRC I decided I’m gonna go with what J4eva suggested and burn Skyrim with OPC OFF at 2.4x write speed. I cleared my OPC history just to be sure, turned OPC OFF, set write speed to 2.4x, left ONLY Smartburn enabled in iHAS settings, burned in Windows SAFE MODE, BUT because I have modified C4Eva’s CFW for iHAS124 after I pressed BURN write speed has been automatically changed to 4x, so I though to myself “there goes another coaster”, but I didn’t cancel because it was already too late. Now imagine how surprised I was after I checked my burn (4x OPC OFF) with KProbe where the results were: PI max 30 (avg. 1.30), PIF max 4 (avg 0.07) !!! :D
About that iHAS CFW modification: I used MediaCodeSpeedEdit just to change “MKM 0a3-000″ to “MKM 003-000″ and I guess that’s why I can’t write MKM 003s at 2.4x right now (which turned out to be a good thing!).
Here’s a link to KProbe image: