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goyik # Posted on 2011-12-27 at 10:28PM UTC

Hi, first at all, c4eva himself is never going to answer you, because he doesn’t posts or reads here directly, his comments and posts you read here is a kind of a mirror of he posts on IRC channels or….something like that?, the fact is…he will not answer you. So, you have to resign with our users comments.
About topology, quickMythril answered you properly right. About IHAS drive, you DO need one, because you can’t burn topology data from XGD3 games using old XGD2 format, or even using the truncating method. IHAS burners can be found under US$ 20 (mine costs 19$) and taxes applicable to you country (I supose) may not exceed 25US$, so you will spend less than the price of 1 (one) new original game, and will have the benefit of burning your own infinite games for a low price. So, don’t be so mean, and go for it!!!, you can connect it to your laptop using an USB adapter for less than 15$.