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CarstenDutch # Posted on 2011-12-04 at 07:41PM UTC

I also did found Skyrim with last 1.2 title update does not work if you got the latest DAE.bin, i did the xlbrbxlbrbx trick without xbox-live re-update and after that i could start Skyrim 1.2.

I constantly got flagged offline and unflag the console with nand-x before i go online and let the DAE table update,

1. xlbrbxlbrbx trick does remove/disable some security/xbox live functionality!?
2. AP2.5 games without title updates do not work after the US 11-16-2011 EU 16-11-2011 DAE enabled table!
3. AP2.5 games without title updates with xlbrbxlbrbx trick do not work.

So use the xlbrbxlbrbx trick without the xbox-live re-update and use the latest title updates untill firmware 3.0 and programs are out! Its time for Tropology!

So Microsoft is constantly updating the DAE or with every new title update!?