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QuickMythril # Posted on 2014-03-25 at 09:10PM UTC

officially there is the 360, 360S (slim), and 360E (the new slim that came out with the xbox one.) at first i was thinking “what in the world is a 360 Go? i searched and i see that some of the boxes say “4GB/Go” on the front, but the 360S as well as the 360E have this written. i looked it up and this is only on the European bundles because Go is short for Giga Octet, which is french for Gigabyte. so there you Go. 360 360S 360E.

the next point is that this website is regarding c4e’s firmware, which the xkey apparently made use of without any permission. i can’t really find any support website for them other than the Contact form on their main site. i remember they had started an IRC channel in EFnet for support though.

if i remember correctly you need to get the dvd key for your xbox and make your ixtreme firmware like you were going to flash a dvd drive, but instead you write it to the xkey. so you should just have to do the same thing you did before. (of course the newer dvd drives are more complicated and in some cases you have to use RGH to get your keys from the motherboard itself rather than the dvd drive.) if someone else set it up for you, then i’d suggest asking them for help again.