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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-18 at 05:22PM UTC

if you update your dashboard it will reflash the dvd drive to update your stock fw and that will overwrite LT so you won’t be able to play backups. plus it will lock the spi. which means your drive may not be able to be flashed again back to LT very easily. whoever flashed your drive should have told you all about this. it was irresponsible to flash someone’s drive and not mention that there would be an issue updating. they should have been able to tell right away that you had an outdated firmware, and let you know that new games would not work, and that you can’t go online without it asking you to update. i would go back to whoever helped you out and tell them your situation and see if they can do an updated drive. until then you can only play offline 11th wave games or older, or retail discs.