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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-01-26 at 10:14PM UTC

it will flash the drive to stock so you can’t just put 3.0 and do the update hoping it will lock 3.0 on there. you need to find out whether your drive is a winbond or mcix because after the update you will need to either do the kamikaze hack or use a sputnik unlocker depending on your drive. the other option is for you to borrow another modded slim drive, put your 9504 fw onto it and use it in your xbox for the update. then afterwards you can just flash your 9504 to the newest 3.0 and then lock it yourself. since the other drive would be hacked already you can just unlock it again and put it back where it came from with the firmware it had. saves you the trouble of having to hack your current drive if you know someone who already has.