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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-02-06 at 10:13PM UTC

i believe the matrix and xecuter boards are basically the same thing: a replacement for slim drives. i think the matrix has an extra piece that you attach to the outside of the drive. this just allows you to lock/unlock the spi for reflashing without opening the dvd drive, but you still have to open the xbox. the dvd drive only has 4 phillips screws so it doesn’t really seem worth the extra convenience, plus i doubt we’ll have to reflash again too often now after LT+ 3.0. i think the xecuter board is about $70, a microsoft stock unlocked 9504 is $90, but you can get an MCIX board that can be unlocked with just a resistor if you have some basic soldering skills for $55. here you can find some of the different boards. here you can also find some boards and different tools you can use to unlock. other sites that carry team xecuter products.