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hypnodx # Posted on 2011-11-13 at 01:31AM UTC

@wrt89 stop whining like a little bitch. Let me break it down so even a moron like you can understand. The firmware is free. You can flash your drive without putting a dime in c4eva’s pocket, a ton of people here have done so. People posted in this thread to thank c4eva for the free firmware he provides.

You say that it hardly takes any work to do, yet, he’s the only one that does it. People are grateful that he just gives it away instead of encoding it into a mod chip and making us buy it. You say it’s not a lot of work, so go ahead and figure out how to do it, recode it every time M$ changes something, and give it away for free. I’m sure people would thank you too, and then you could tell them off all you want.

Finally, if you WILLINGLY decided to buy some hardware from team xecuter, then guess what you fucking idiot, you got something in return for your money. If you think that people who sell you stuff aren’t making a buck off you, then you’re a bigger asshole than you’ve already shown yourself to be.