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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-22 at 12:20AM UTC

@ jermzhi bro check ur self cause i could give a shit about when it comes out .as my biggest prob is which 100% burn of gxd3 im going to play when this new burner max fw for pc drops in less then 24h r’s . i havent said 1 negitive thing , only giving a boost to these guys who r waiting. read my comments bro then stfu!! cause i help many here and have posted half if not more of the vaild info on this site . as far as u paying my way please. ive forgot more about real modding then u will ever know been in the scene since 06 u fucking twat . i buy all tx products i cant build myself or would be to time consuming and if im speaking negitive its needed. to all the rest here goodnight and hope ur fw is released soon guys good luck!!