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nathan2501 # Posted on 2011-10-22 at 10:53AM UTC

I think it’s a bummer to have a Hitachi in your xbox these days. I’ve got my online ordered LiteOn drive ready to flash the new FW and to burn XDG3 games but my xbox won’t play them until the 2.0 CFW will be released. Actually I can’t play any backup at the moment because I’ve flashed my Hitachi with OFW to update the dashboard, and i haven’t flashed LT+ 1.91 because i thought 2.0 would be released soon. I check this site every day hoping there is SOME info about the Hitachi CFW, but no luck so far.
Does anybody know why Hitachi owners have to wait every time? Is it so much different than the other drives?
I’m not blaming anyone here for not having released the firmware yet, i’m very grateful that there is a way for playing backups on my xbox, but the waiting is killing me though =P. And not having any info about the progress/release is making it even worse.

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