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phrizz # Posted on 2011-10-23 at 03:20PM UTC

I was thinking, pessimistically, that the “NEW DRIVE” will see 2.0 before Hitachi does but I didn’t want to jinx us by saying it..but I agree, that would be a major low blow if the (yet another) Lite-On got 2.0 before the ORIGINAL XBOX360 DRIVE.

Sure, Hitachi’s are generally pretty old, my box was manf. 6-16-2006, but it’s still playing just fine. Maybe a little loud (what Hitachi wasn’t a little loud? lol) but reads anything I throw at it.

And to those of you without a Hitachi, who come to a Hitachi thread just to tell us to “get a different drive! durharr!!” yea nothx.