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vram # Posted on 2011-10-23 at 03:44PM UTC

hi there…

well, some introductions. i’m actually on this board for like 2 weeks, but i’ve watched progress and read many posts with much anticipation.

firstly, thank you c4eva, should you read this, because nothing of the things you do here is part of your natural duties. i’m not here to crawl up anyone’s a**, but as many many before have said this, which doesn’t affect the statement’s truth, so do i. because i mean it.

having said this, i have been following this very thread with much attention, checking in on this site like every 5 minutes. true, i own a hitachi drive and i also am waiting for c4eva’s progress as regards 2.0, but less because it is imperative for me to play games like forza 4, gow3, batman AC or bf3, but because i enjoy taking apart my pc and my 360, messing with the shit the developers don’t want us to do – because i think it’s good sport.

so, i was also asking myself when the day will come where all the hitachi owners would take their boxes apart and flash the shit outta their drives in order to enjoy games. but, as none of us have any RIGHT to ask for something that someone is doing for the community as a favour, we should rather stop whining and just wait and see what happens. noone wants to be last or left behind, but it could have been ANY drive to be worked on last… so what?

maybe c4eva has decided to work on the hitachis last because he enjoys it the most, maybe because they are trickier, maybe it happened by simple chance. no one knows except him.

but anyways, i just hope to read about changes in these matters soon and would of course also appreciate some kind of E.T.A.

anyways, c4eva has done more than any of us could have asked for
sincerely, thanks and keep up the good work

and to the fellow waiting crowd – hang in there ! :)