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goyik # Posted on 2011-10-23 at 09:41PM UTC

I’m starting to believe that c4eva (or whoever actually does the actual coding) simply CAN’T make one for Hitachi! Maybe it’s too hard! I just wish they would admit it!

I have several doubts about it….
1) If Hitachi is so dificult to hack, why did Microsoft stop using in their consoles and started to use “more easy” hackable drives?.
2) If C4eva isn´t the original programmer of the Hitachi hack, why does he take all the credits?
3) Why is Hitachi so especial that needs his own long time to be hacked, while others are hacked in a batch.
I have two answers for this:
1) Simply, c4 doesn´t care because he thinks there are few Hitachi still alive, which is not necesarily true,
actually theres a lot of people waiting for hitachi, as a proof you can see this thread have been in the top of the Popular Forums Topics for almost two weeks.
2) C4 really doesn´t work for free!!!, there are towsands of “groups” who lives from hacking consoles, selling piracy, etc, so i think c4 may be a part of this, and he simply make in the first place the firmwares that gives the more profits for him/his affiliated. And obviously hitachi owners are minority and possibly more older and experimented people that flash their his consoles by themselves and don´t give any profits to the groups dedicated to the flashing drives market. The most “convenient” clients are those newbies buying new consoles and runnig to flash in a store, and none of them has a Hitcachi.