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mctknow # Posted on 2011-10-24 at 05:05AM UTC

2) C4 really doesn´t work for free!!!, there are towsands of “groups” who lives from hacking consoles, selling piracy, etc, so i think c4 may be a part of this, and he simply make in the first place the firmwares that gives the more profits for him/his affiliated. And obviously hitachi owners are minority and possibly more older and experimented people that flash their his consoles by themselves and don´t give any profits to the groups dedicated to the flashing drives market. The most “convenient” clients are those newbies buying new consoles and runnig to flash in a store, and none of them has a Hitcachi.

would it help to expedite the Hitachi FW if WE Hitachi owners donated $ specifically for the FW creation? I’d be willing to put down $20 and I’m sure others wouldn’t mind too! Will $ convince C4eva to get going on this?