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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-25 at 03:55PM UTC

kolo: you don’t need a benq key to spoof. in fact you have to use your same dvd key or it will just say “play dvd” for your games. if you put your key into a benq firmware and put that onto your hitachi, it will work, but if your drive tries to do an ap2.5 check (which all xgd3 games have from what i’ve heard), it won’t be able to do the check and your game won’t boot. one thing i don’t know… if your xbox expects a hitachi it might not even try to do the checks. does anyone know if you put benq firmware on the drive, will it try to do the checks or not?? actually now that i think of it you could spoof your drive as a samsung since they don’t do ap2.5 checks either. i played with a benq spoofed as a liteon 9 all the way from when they switched from 1.6 to LT, up until the 13599 dash update because it wouldn’t update with the incorrect drive (since it was trying to flash it). many people told me i would get banned for spoofing, but i never did. just know that some people say spoofing isn’t safe, and if you can play offline only it would be better. make sure to get rid of ixtreme and put original firmware if you have to do a dash update later.