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phrizz # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 01:30AM UTC

Well I bit the bullet and purchased a BenQ VAD6038 drive about five minutes ago. Not sure if I’ll use it to spoof & flash 2.0 or just immediately put it in my computer and flash 0800 for ripping. Decisions, decisions…

I really don’t feel like tearing open my xbox twice, once to swap the drives and again to swap them when Hitachi 2.0 comes out. I have an Xecuter Blaster CK3 installed to avoid constantly opening my box.

Why can’t Hitachi 2.0 just release, it would make things so much easier…even a predicted ETA would suffice. I agree with mctknow, next week, next month or next year? Give us SOMETHING other than the “it will be done” and “its on the list” bullshit answers