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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 03:01PM UTC

sipnlean: did you read what i said before? you don’t need a whole new xbox, just a new drive. hitachi has a status: IN PROGRESS. if that is all the information he is going to give us then it will just have to be enough. it’s up to you whether you want to wait or get another drive.

croc: you may be right. but if you don’t spoof it then it is even more noticeable when you go online. at least when you spoof it pretends to be the right drive. spoofing is not complicated. as far as the ap2.5 checks go, you will be fine because your xbox doesn’t do the checks at all since it has a hitachi. it’s only when you have a benq or liteon xbox and you put in a samsung or hitachi that cannot do the checks so it fails, and you get “ban flagged”.