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DaMacFunkin # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 05:28PM UTC

You have to spoof even if you stay off line or you will get e65 error, which will then flag you for a ban when you go back online. If you want to spoof, flash Hitachi back to OFw. Update to latest Dash, get a smasung, benq what ever and load up your original Hitachi firmware with your key, in target load latest LT 2.0+ (2.01 for samsung) spoof source to target, then flash as per that drives instuctions. Obviousley don’t go on line, but off line you should be cool.
As soon as commordore realises that there are loads Elites out there still working perfect but with Hitachi drives it will happen. Years ago it was people like Garyopa who used to do the Hitachi firmwares but it seems Team Jungle tokk over his work.