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phrizz # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 10:27PM UTC

Yea it will be an internal dedicated ripping drive, either immediately upon arrival or after it’s temporary use in my 360. I’m definitely a DIY`er and the parts needed are peanuts compared to even CK3. A regulator should be $2-$3 max and possibly a SPDT switch for eject but that’s not really required since you can eject manually from Windows.

So I basically need the regulator and an xbox dvd power cable unless I solder directly to the board (which isn’t out of the question either)

-edit to add-
Now that I think of it..the 3.3v is only for the eject button anyway, so I don’t necessarily need the regulator unless I’m looking at the diagram wrong. The main power functions run off 5v and 12v, both of which are available on a standard molex connection (and ground, of course)

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