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Jester5204 # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 06:25AM UTC

You can say what you want about me, and yes I do respect his hard work but the only reason people like him don’t teach others how to do what he does is because he likes having the respect, power, and control. There are many of us that would be capable of creating our own custom fws if we were taught how, but instead people decide to take it on themselves to do it all and ask for respect and donations. Nobody is asking him to do it all himself, that is his decision and he has to accept the criticism when he says soon for something that’s been on the to-do list for over a month as he finishes projects that “appear” there in less than a week. Oh and I have moved on to other options. I just feel bad for those still here waiting on this shit. Quote me 2.0 will hit for hitachi, nov dash update will bring lots of kinks and a ban hammer and hitachi owners will be on the bottom of the waiting list again behind 40 other fws. Say what you want but I’m right.