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thugzbaby # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 06:32AM UTC

@Jester5204 , what he’s doing takes more then half a brain, and by the time he taught someone else to understand what he does he would be done already. Plus unlike all the dumb mw2 hackers, he’s not sharing how he does what he does with anybody. This way there is no way for it to be patched by MS. So just go buy an old xbox with a samsung drive and flash that to work in your xbox. This is what I did since my xbox had a hitachi. Now I have a samsung and now I don’t need to wait for anything. Been playing RAGE, BF3 and soon MW3. so do a little work yourself and I’m sure you can find a solution to your problem. Check ebay for xbox with samsung drives. Should not be hard. Good luck