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DaVa # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 04:41PM UTC

Jester5204 – Control and power lol what!!!!!!!! he’s doing it so we don’t have too making it easier for everyone to do it. and whats to say that hitachi will be the last next time hasn’t always been last. C4E has to do the one’s which are on demand which is lite-on drives ive flashed loads of drives in my time and the one’s i get usually are lite-on 02510 if you ask me jester which im sure you wont cause you know everything already buy a new xbox maybe you wont have a problem then. It’s not C4E’s fault your living in 2005-6 he said sooooooon so WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! and anyone who agress with this plonker is well impatient and also should get a new xbox. DROP THE SELFISH COMMENTS AINT DOING YA ANY FAVORS…………………….