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gilgalith # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 08:21PM UTC

As a 3x Hitachi Xbox owner of course I come here and see “in progress” and sigh. However, as a programmer I feel bad for C4eva. Everyone comes in here and bitches about how something they’re getting for free (the fw anyways) isn’t coming out fast enough. Does anyone even take the time to think of how much time it might take out of someone else’s personal life to do this stuff?

I’ve read every single post in this thread since it was created. If I was C4eva I’d tell you all to go fuck yourselves and just make the fw for myself. Most of you are so ungrateful to have the ability to play anything at all for free its nothing short of infuriating. He wont even read this, but thanks C4eva for saving me a lot of money.

Queue the trolls and the “stfu” responses.