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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-05 at 08:49PM UTC

Just wanted to update my BenQ VAD6038 adventure..

I bought a BenQ, debated whether or not to spoof it and stick it in my HItachi 79 xbox but wound up just using it as a ripping drive. I didn’t have a spare power cable for the drive laying around (gee, thanks for the proprietary SATA power cable, M$ =P) so on a day off from work I dismantled an incredibly old and unused ATX computer case to create my own power cable.

I used the connectors & wires that controlled the PC case power switch, reset switch, HD LED, speaker, etc. and came up with the 10 connections I needed. Took a little modifying; good scissors to cut out empty pins/sections on certain lines and some 180 grit then 320 grit sandpaper to sand the connectors down enough for them all to fit in the BenQ. I color-coded and tube shrink-wrapped the four major lines to clean up the look and make it easier to remember what was what.

After the drive end was complete, I tested it using an old modified ATX power supply that I had made years ago to power various things in my room or to test other projects very similar to this. A SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw or Single Pole, Double Toggle) switch was also implemented/required to control ejecting and closing the drive tray.

I moved on to the computer that this drive would be used on, fortunately I had a modular power supply (Antec NEO HE550) in it so creating the 3.3v, 5v, 12v & ground was simple using a dedicated SATA power connector. I ran 3ft extensions on each line so I can place the drive just about anywhere externally, color-coded and tube shrink-wrapped to match the drive’s input. Even made some rubber feet for the drives legs and modified a front bezel to fit the tray.

The drive was then connected to the computer power and a SATA port. Started the latest JF, put drive in vendor mode, dumped the drive, spoofed its key to the BenQ 0800v3 FW then flashed the FW and sent the Outro command. My BenQ is perched atop my 360 and I am now ripping my games with the latest Xbox Backup Creator and occasionally Schtrom360Extract on game(s) that just won’t rip in XBC for some reason (specifically Resident Evil 5; XBC keeps saying its 4 TB and the read button stays gray. Assassin’s Creed I and II ripped fine prior to trying RE5, and AC:B ripped fine AFTER trying RE5, wtf?)

Cost of my project…
BenQ VAD6038 drive: $28
SPDT Switch: $1.48
TOTAL: $29.48 (I had everything else like the junk PC case, tube shrink-wrap, front bezel, etc.)

Sorry for the very lengthy post but I said I would update so I did. If you don’t give a shit about any of this then you’ll have to hate me for a few days til this post gets buried =P