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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 12:03AM UTC

I’ll definitely try to get some pictures to show as soon as I can. It was well worth doing, so it’s well worth showing it off a little bit lol I certainly appreciate at least one person who is interested in this complete DIY job from start to finish =)

The 4 TB thing still has me baffled, the only thing that will even begin to rip the disc is Schtrom360Extract but it’s a really outdated program (latest version came out BEFORE SSv2 even hit) and now it’s been running for 4hrs and 52min and is @ 24% ..I may have to give up on that one =/ Tried everything, different SATA ports, STPI or ASPI, nothing. It see’s the drive, it gathers the media info, but then reports back incorrectly and the button stays gray. I hope not too many are like that, wish someone knew what the issue was because the game plays fine in my Xbox