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whompus60 # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 02:15AM UTC

Sounds like you are doing something along the line of what I am doing. Except I had changed an older scsi 2 bay case to be esata 2 bay case. I have taken out one of the 2 tb hdd drives I had in it and put it in an older esata dvr expander case. Have now mounted a ck3 to the backside of the 2 bay case temporarily for open and close. Am in the process of designing a spring loaded push shaft to drill a hole in the case and set it to be able to push the open/close button on the ck3. Also modding a drop down spring loaded faceplate for the dvd drive face area of the case. Here is what it looks like now. When I get the face and shaft done I will post another pix if I remember.