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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 10:28PM UTC

You will want to flash back to stock first. There is an original firmware that gets included in the Hitachi FW pack that you will use so losing the origin.bin shouldn’t be an issue so long as you can still extract your drive key from the firmware that you currently have flashed.

You’ll set the firmware that you have on your drive as Source after dumping it, then the original firmware that will be provided in the FW pack as your Target. Spoof Source to Target, then write the firmware. You will now be back to stock Hitachi firmware with your drive key, that’s when you will do the system updates. After doing system updates, you’ll go through the same process to flash to Lt+ 2.0 when it comes out.

From stock to Lt+ 2.0: load your stock firmware (that now has your drive key) in the Source, then load Lt+2.0 for Hitachi 79 as Target, Spoof Source to Target, then write 2.0 firmware to your Hitachi. If this is too confusing, the JungleFlash tutorial is very informative and useful, it’s loaded with pictures and detailed instructions. Good luck when 2.0 releases m8 =) Let us know how it goes for ya!