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ewolwer # Posted on 2011-11-11 at 03:29PM UTC

yes, my hitatchi is 78 :) damn ap25… I do not burn any games, I buy them in local store, in our country in xbox stores they sell already flashed xbox’es, or can flashed it for you…and also they sell xbox games burned in correct way from iso’s that downloaded from popular torrents…so it is much easier for to buy already burned game for 5-6 bucks…blank dvd cost 1-2 bucks, twice cheaper…but i do not need to download iso, burn it, check hash, check if it works well…i just buying already working game…they show me in the store that it is working well…but may be it is because of ap25 and my dash nfs is not working…hopefully LT+2.0 will solve my problems :) thx for help, croc :)