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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-12 at 03:08AM UTC

Oy…I wonder how long this “re-testing” is going to take after finding a bug in the FW..

I was really hoping we’d see 2.0 this weekend, BEFORE the November update because if not, I need to flash to stock, update to the current latest dash (13604) in order to download the DivX codec from Live, then flash back to Lt+ 1.91 and eventually to 2.0 when it releases. If I wait for 2.0 to download the DivX codec, I’ll be forced to update to the November dash which has already been reported that it’s essentially an update that screws a lot of shit up and is going to require new versions of (nearly) everything.

Would have been nice to flash to stock, update dash to 13604, download DivX codec, and then flash to 2.0 before the November update but that is looking/sounding more and more like a pipe-dream =/

I was going to do the Flash Stock -> Update -> Download DivX -> Flash 1.91 tonight but I’m going to try and wait until tomorrow in hopes that maybe we’ll see 2.0, but I certainly won’t be holding my breath hah