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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-13 at 09:51PM UTC

You’ve asked that about a dozen times in various places. There is NO INFO available for the 0500/0502 Hitachi. According to c4 himself it’s “on the list”, which as we have all learned awaiting progress on phat Hitachi, it really means “eventually someday”. Nothing has changed since the last time you asked, sorry m8.

I hear ya m8. Lt+ 1.91 allows all backups (including the XGD2 games with AP25 that you speak of) it just does not support XGD3 backups. 1.91 DOES support XGD3 originals.

Since I have originals of MW3, Batman and soon to have Assassin’s Creed Revelations this week, I needed at least XGD3 originals support so I had to flash to 1.91 about a week or so ago. (I had been running Lt+ 1.1 for a very long time). I suppose I could have just flashed to stock to play the originals, but then my XGD2 backups wouldn’t work so I decided to just go with 1.91 until 2.0 comes out. Flashing isn’t difficult for me because I installed a Blaster CK3 (therefore I never need to open my xbox), so I don’t mind going back and forth between OFW & CFW’s when necessary. To each their own though, I realize =)