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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-13 at 11:51PM UTC

Not a problem m8. If you ever need extra help and want to keep it out of forums/comments, I can give you my email and we can discuss any issues through that so we don’t clutter up an already super cluttered thread =)

Definitely practice on a box that is broken if you’re a little hesitant, you can’t really break much more in a box that’s already broken so that’s a good call on your part =) Around where are you located? Probably not anywhere near northeast Ohio..

I only had my one box to use, but I’ve been working with the internals/components of computers, big screen TV’s and game consoles for well over 10 years and I’ve done plenty of soldering & repairs. I recently repaired the ballast in my 45″ Panasonic PT-45LC12 rear projection 1080i TV. It needed several capacitors, transistors, diodes and some surface mount devices replaced so I had to desolder what was on the PCB then solder the new parts in their place. Went without a hitch, in fact, I’m watching football on that same TV as I type this lol. I love electronics – I miss the good old days of soldering PSX and PS2 modchips for backups. =P

Ah well…I think a Glitch Hack, JTAG or maybe even an xKey could be in my future for my 360 if the CFW game continues down the path of being rubbish like it is right now. When you factor in the time it takes for new CFW to come out, the fact that each system update could potentially be your last (if you use Live), and having to continually re-burn games due to a new a Dae.bin or new/different AP25 checks being activated will get very old, very quickly. I think a lot of others would agree, but that is just my opinion.