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Giov3 # Posted on 2011-11-16 at 10:45AM UTC

I am from Italy.I am an xbox360 with hitachi drive, unfortunately I must to pay to flash my console.I have already given my xbox to the guy that will flash my drive and we are faithfully waiting the release of lt 2.0.
I would like to ask you, if someone knows (i don’t follow the scene too much), the new dashboard 2.0.14448 will reflash the drive?There will be new security checks or protections that will force me to reflash again in the short period?I am considering the idea to wait again before to flash to lt 2.0 (when it will be released) to see if the new dashboard will cause problems, but in the same time I would like to play with my xbox.
Every hint or info qould be appreciated.
Thanks :)