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sipnlean # Posted on 2011-11-16 at 09:52PM UTC

Let me start my post by sayin thanks c4e and team jungle and everybody that has anything to do with cfw. Second, people are still commenting (including myself) on this post. Wow, bro this thread is almost two months old. Third I gave up on hitachi fw. I had a hitachi 59. It was real good, lasted me a long time and never let me down, I got smart and said **** it. I sold my hitachi and got a Xbox with a phat lite on. I live in Texas, I’ve had time to buy another Xbox, ship it to this kid in new york, he flashed it, got it back in Texas, beatin skyrim and batman arkham city and hitachi STILL hasn’t dropped. I refuse to have to wait 3 months for firmware so I jumped to a different drive. I still check this site daily for hitachi too, just kno I’m prayin for hitachi owners.